A humerus week

Early this week I was walking into a building to do a regular teaching job. I never got to the job. Instead I began a painful and scary week.

To avoid being overdramatic, and to be clear, I have broken my right humerus (the funny bone, get your jokes out now lads) and needed surgery to wire it back together.

Not the worst thing that could have happened,  to be sure. I could have hit my head, or had any number of worse injuries. And I’m sure if there’s cctv footage it’s funny enough to be included in some online comedy showreel .

As you may gave gathered however, my anxiety loves nothing but to make things difficult . I have had more panic attacks this week than ever before . My forced inactivity and low mood are not a good combination, as I try to get my pain under control.

I also have this weird thing where my voice is different from the tube being down my throat during surgery. I sound like a sad child all the time!

I’m hoping to feel more like myself soon but just in case anyone is wondering where I am I’ll be trying not to think about all I should be getting done and now can’t, and learning how to put on socks with one hand and open toothpaste.

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