Well, it’s been a while since my first post in my self-care Sunday series! Three Sundays, to be exact. What happened? Well, let me fill you in!

The first two Sundays after I first posted, I was actually under the weather. That awful virus that was going around finally sank its claws into me, and I felt awful. That first Sunday I spent almost entirely in bed. At first, I felt bad about not posting – after all, one post hardly makes a series, and how does it look if I fall off the wagon after only the first week of a series?

But then I remembered that the point of the series was to remind myself to take better care of myself, and that putting myself under unnecessary pressure probably wasn’t the healthiest thing to do. People who blog often talk about building a following, meeting expectations and creating engagement. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all of you that have already followed me in the short time I’ve been posting. I appreciate every read of my posts, I really do. But I don’t approach my blog with a view to turning it into my job, as seems to be the aim of many blogs these days. I don’t blog with the sole intention of building followers that I can use to create press packs or anything. I blog for me, and if what I write helps someone, entertains someone, or makes someone think as I do it, well, all the better.


So I made a conscious effort to not feel bad about not posting for two Sundays and to concentrate on myself and my health. And now, while I’m not 100% myself yet, I’m much better!

But what about the third Sunday, I hear you ask? Well, I enjoyed some retail therapy with my mam, which is always lovely – to get to spend time with her, just the two of us, browsing the shops and having the chats. It forces me to shift gears from my usual mile-a-minute train of thought, and to be more in the moment, looking at the things in front of me, and listening to my mam as we chat. I had planned to write a post when I got home, and I sat on my bed to plan it out in my head beforehand….and woke up three hours later.


I’m not usually a fan of naps, as I tend to be grumpy after waking up from one. This nap, though, was an awesome nap. And, clearly, something that I needed. That naturally made quite a nice self-care Sunday: shopping, family time and a nice nap!

So tell me, have you been more consistent with your self-care than I have? Has the past month been as much of a learning curve as it has for me? Do let me know!

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