Person of Note: Sue Jordan

Sue Jordan, possibly better known by her online moniker of CherrySue, is a large part of the reason I’ve begun blogging.

I met Sue a number of years ago when we both trained for the ISPCC Childline service at the same time. I was struck, even back then, by how her measured opinions rang true, and how she obviously cared deeply about a great many things but suffered no fools at the same time as being an absolutely lovely person.

Sue started her blog CherrySueDoinTheDo and has had immense success with it. Her posts can be informative, opinionated, beauty reviews or the kind of post that gets everyone together in a GIF-related venting of emotion.

Beyond her blog itself, Sue has also been active across most social media platforms, where she shares snapshots into her life with her current adorable hairballs Baxter and her more media shy kitty, as well as insights into her hard-won life as a beauty blogger. Snaps include meetings with Ms. Charlotte Tilbury herself, photoshoots and makeovers with Mr. Davis Factor (son of make-up mogul Max Factor). In 2016, she was also featured in the top 60 Snapchatters to follow in the world.

Aside from her well-documented social media savvy, Sue is an undeniable support to pretty much everyone else in the blogging world. One of her most common sayings is that ‘a rising tide raises all ships’ and to that end she constantly shares her experiences and knowledge to any who care to listen and learn. She is funny, kind and smart, a combination that’s often hard to come by, particularly in the blogging world.

Personally, she has been such a guide for me and a huge support in giving me the push I needed to set up this blog. Sue is the reason I read blogs (I have a particular grá for her Monday’s Moments and her Thursday jimmie unrustling posts).  She always has the time to give, and always the nicest, most supportive things to say.

Sue is an old school powerhouse blogger, and yet has completely retained her individual style and her unique voice is still immediately recognisable in every post across platforms, something that is now quite rare I find in what is now a fairly saturated corner of the Internet. Something for any blogger to aspire to, Sue’s authenticity is what real blogging is all about – having your own voice, and using it.

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