Wellbeing Update: Challenge 1, Week 1

While I will be continuing my Self-Care Sunday posts, I wanted to find a way to prod myself into being more pro-active about my wellbeing. Thus, this, the second of my new series was born: the Wellbeing Update. Each month, I will undertake a new challenge aimed at improving some aspect of my wellbeing. This month, I’m attempting to develop a regular meditation habit. Continue reading “Wellbeing Update: Challenge 1, Week 1”

Twenty-Six Pages In, or How I Got My Mojo Back

As a child, I read like other people would breathe. The bookshop has always been one of my favourite places. I was a quick reader and would read pretty much anything. The habit stayed with me through my teenage years although my preferences excluded horror and anything too post-apocalyptic or dystopian. A friend of mine once explained his aversion to horror movies by explaining how he watched films to escape from real life and come back feeling a bit better – not worse, which is how he would feel after horror films, and I feel the same about books. Continue reading “Twenty-Six Pages In, or How I Got My Mojo Back”