Ten things I wish I knew Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, right at this moment, I was 18. I had just finished my first go-round of the Leaving Certificate, and was midway through my second attempt to achieve the points I needed to get into the course I wanted (I didn’t, but that’s another story). I was a brand, shiny new ‘adult’ and I hadn’t a clue what I was getting myself in for. Continue reading “Ten things I wish I knew Ten Years Ago”

College Acceptance – A Reflection

It’s that time of year again – young people throughout Ireland found out today if they have gotten their top college choice. It’s an odd time for young people, for many reasons. Regardless of whether they knew exactly what they wanted to study or not, this is the first time, really, for most, that theu lives have not been laid out on a set pathway. Continue reading “College Acceptance – A Reflection”

Person of Note: Ken Robinson

This is the first in a series where I look at someone who I consider a person of note. They could be someone who is doing interesting things in the research world, who is writing amazing things, who are just doing good things in the world, or someone who inspires me. I draw inspiration from a wide variety of places, and I hope you enjoy taking a sneak peek as to where I go to when I need fresh inspiration!  Continue reading “Person of Note: Ken Robinson”